How to Back Up and Restore a NetScaler MAS Configuration in an HA Pair

You can back up the current configuration of a NetScaler MAS. In an HA deployment of NetScaler MAS, you can back up and restore the NetScaler MAS configuration from either one of the servers. If you are using a load balancing virtual server IP address to take the backup, the backup file can be stored on either server and must be checked manually.

If you restore when only one node is active, or when restoring if a fail over happens, the restore process fails to complete.

To back up a NetScaler MAS configuration:

  1. Navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files, and then click Back Up.

  2. To encrypt the backup file, select the Password Protect file checkbox.

To restore a NetScaler MAS configuration from a backup file:

  1. Navigate to System > Advanced Settings > Backup Files.

  2. Select the backup file that you want to restore, and then click Restore.

To configure system backup settings

  1. Navigate to System > System Administration. Under Policy Administration, click System Backup Settings.

  2. On the Confgure System Backup Settings page, specify the following:

    • Number of backups to retain. You can only retain upto 10 backups.

    • Encrypt the backup file.

    • Enable external transfer. You can transfer a copy of a copy of your backup file to another system as a precautionary measure. When you want to restore the configuration, you have to first upload the file to the NetScaler MAS server and then perform the restore operation. Specify the server, user name and password, port, the transfer protocol to be used, and the directory path. To learn more about external transfer, see Transferring a NetScaler MAS Backup File to an External System.

  3. Click OK.

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How to Back Up and Restore a NetScaler MAS Configuration in an HA Pair