How to Restart an HAProxy Instance From NetScaler MAS

To restart a HAProxy instance from the NetScaler MAS GUI, you can select either hard restart or soft restart.

Hard restart

Hard restart terminates the HAProxy process on an instance and closes all established connections. After a hard restart, a new haproxy process is created, which processes the subsequent new connections.

Soft restart

Soft restart unbinds the HAProxy process from the listening port, but the HAProxy process continues to process existing connections until they close. A new HAProxy process is created to process new connections.

To restart an HAProxy instance, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Instances > HAProxy and click the Instance tab.

  2. On the Instance tab, select the HAProxy instance that you want to restart.

  3. Click Hard Restart to hard restart the HAProxy instance or click Soft Restart to soft restart the HAProxy instance.

    localized image

How to Restart an HAProxy Instance From NetScaler MAS