Health Monitoring

The license server continuously monitors the health of the NetScaler pooled-capacity enabled instance. The instances communicate through periodical messages to the license server. If few consecutive messages are not received, the license server reports that connectivity has been lost.

You can create custom notifications to supplement the default alarms.

Grace period

When a NetScaler pooled-capacity enabled instance is in a healthy state and the license server stops responding, the instance operates with its current capacity for 30 days. If the connectivity to the license server is not restored after 30 days, the instance loses its capacity and stops processing traffic.

Notifications and alarms

Notifications can be enabled from NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) for any action performed on the instance. Apart from the custom notification settings, some alarms are configured by default. For example: To configure an alarm for replenishing a pool that has depleted a certain percentage of its capacity, you can:

Navigate to Infrastructure > Licenses > Settings > Notification Settings and click the Edit button.

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