NetScaler Pooled Capacity on NetScaler Instances in Cluster Mode

You can configure NetScaler pooled capacity on the NetScaler instances configured as a cluster. Following are the prerequisites for configuring pooled capacity on NetScaler instances in cluster mode:

  • Instances should be individually running in a pooled-capacity license mode to form the cluster.

  • All the instances should be running with same bandwidth.

  • All the instances should check out the pooled capacity from the same NetScaler MAS.

  • New instances cannot be added to an existing NetScaler cluster unless their capacity and NetScaler MAS configurations are same as those of the existing instances in the cluster.

Any capacity check-out from the NetScaler cluster assigns same capacity to all the cluster nodes and the checkout Bandwidth = Bandwidth provided * number of nodes.

For example, if you check-out 50 Mbps of bandwidth from the NetScaler cluster, and the cluster includes 12 instances, each instance automatically receives 50 Mbps, and 600 Mbps is checked out from the pool.


If one or more instances in the cluster become unresponsive, the cluster continues to work with the capacity of the remaining instances.

To allocate NetScaler Pooled capacity on NetScaler instances in cluster mode:

  1. Log on to NetScaler MAS using your administrator credentials.

  2. On the Configuration tab, navigate to System > Licenses > Manage Licenses, click Add New License, and select Use Pooled Licensing.

    localized image

  3. Enter the name or address of the license server in the Server Name/IP Address field.

  4. If you want to manage your instance’s pool licenses through the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS), select the Register with NetScaler MAS for manageability check box and enter your administrator credentials.

  5. Select the license edition and the required bandwidth, and click Get Licenses.

    localized image

  6. You can change or release the license allocation by selecting Change allocation or Release allocation.

    localized image

  7. If you click Change allocation, a pop-up window shows the licenses available on the license server.


    Bandwidth allocation must be an integral multiple of the minimum bandwidth unit of the corresponding form factor.

    localized image

  8. You can allocate bandwidth or instances to the NetScaler instance from the Allocate drop-down list. Then click Get Licenses.

  9. You can choose the license edition and the bandwidth required from the drop-down lists in the pop-up window.


    A restart is not required if you change the bandwidth allocation, but a warm restart is required if you change the license edition.


NetScaler Pooled Capacity on NetScaler Instances in Cluster Mode

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