Upgrading a Perpetual License in NetScaler SDX to NetScaler Pooled Capacity

NetScaler SDX appliance with perpetual license can be upgraded to NetScaler Pooled Capacity license. Upgrading to NetScaler Pooled Capacity license enables you to allocate licenses from the license pool to NetScaler appliances on demand. You can also configure NetScaler Pooled Capacity license for NetScaler instances configured in high availability mode.


For upgrading SDX appliance to NetScaler Pooled Capacity license, you need to upload the SDX-Z license to the appliance.

To upgrade to NetScaler pooled capacity:

  1. In a Web browser, type the IP address of the NetScaler appliance, such as

  2. In User Name and Password fields, type the administrator credentials.

  3. On the Welcome page, click Continue.

  4. Upload the zero-capacity license. On the Configuration tab, navigate to System > Licenses.

  5. On the Manage Licenses page, click Add License File.

    localized image

  6. In Licenses page, select Upload license files from a local computer and click Browse to select the zero-capacity license from your local machine. Then, click Finish.

    localized image

    Once the zero-capacity license is applied successfully, Pooled Licenses section appears on the Licenses page.

    localized image

  7. In the Pooled licenses section, do the following:

    localized image

    1. In the Licensing Server Name or IP Address field, enter the license server details.

    2. In the Port Number field, enter the license server port. Default value: 27000.

    3. If you want to manage your instance’s pool licenses through the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS), select the Register with NetScaler MAS check box and enter your NetScaler MAS credentials.

    4. Click Get Licenses.

  8. In the Allocate Licenses window, specify the required instances and bandwidth and click Allocate.

    localized image

    On the Manage Licenses page, you can view the details of the license server, license edition, and the allocated instances and bandwidth from the pool.

    localized image


Upgrading a Perpetual License in NetScaler SDX to NetScaler Pooled Capacity

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