User accounts

You can display a list of all locally managed user accounts, and a list of any remote users (users authenticated through RADIUS or TACACS+ servers) who have logged in to the SD-WAN Center virtual machine at least once. You can also add a new local user account to the SD-WAN Center.


If a user account is available on a remote authentication server, but has never been used to log onto this SD-WAN Center, that user account is not displayed.

To display user accounts:

  1. In the SD-WAN Center web interface, click the Administration tab.
  2. Click User/Authentication Settings. The list of user accounts appears in the Users section.

    localized image

    To add a new local user account to the SD-WAN Center:


    The user accounts created locally on SD-WAN center do not have the privilege to edit and export the network configuration package to the MCN.

  3. Click the plus icon (+) next to Users at the top left corner of the table heading.

    The Add a new Local User Account dialog box appears.

    localized image

  4. Enter the user name, password, and password confirmation.

  5. Click Add.

    This creates the new user account and adds the account information to the Users table.


The SD-WAN Center can have up to eight local users.