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Link performance report

NetScaler SD-WAN Center can show performance statistics at the site, service, virtual path, or WAN-link level.

Consider a network in which organization ABC has four branch offices. Brownouts have been reported at SITE3. That is, the employees are sometimes unable to view the intranet pages. You suspect that it’s because of the performance of the underlying links.

You can get a high-level view of the link statistics by hovering your mouse cursor over the path between a site and the data center on the Network Map on the Dashboard.

localized image

The above screen shot shows that there are two WAN links (WL-1 and WL-2) between SITE 3 and the Master Controller Node (MCN), and displays statistics for the most recent 10 minutes.

The virtual paths Master-WL2->SITE3-WL2 and SITE3-WL2 ->Master-WL2 are not functioning, and alternative paths Master-WL1->SITE3-WL1 and SITE3-WL1 ->Master-WL1 are in poor condition, losing a significant percentage of the transmitted data. That is the probable cause of the brown-out issue at SITE3.

Alternatively, you can view the link statistics by navigating to Reporting >Paths.

In the timeline control select a time period.

You can select and view reports of a particular time frame by using the timeline controls. For more information, see, Timeline controls.

You can also create, save and open report views. For more information, see, Manage views.

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Link performance report

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