Specifying the MCN and Testing the Connection

Once the connection is established between the SD-WAN Center and the SD-WAN Master Control Node (MCN), you can discover the MCN and test the connection.

To specify the MCN and test the connection:

  1. Log into the SD-WAN Center web interface.

  2. Select the Configuration tab.

  3. In the navigation tree (left pane), select Network Discovery.

    This displays the Network Discovery page. By default, the SSL Certificate tab is preselected.

  4. Select the Discovery Settings tab.

    localized image

  5. In the Master Control Node MGT IP Address field, enter the management IP address of the associated MCN.

  6. Click Test.

    If the connection succeeds, a green check mark appears. A success message indicates that the connection is established, and that the appliance is eligible to become the MCN.

  7. Click Discover. Once you have already discovered an MCN, this option changes to Rediscover.

  8. After the discovery operation completes, select the Inventory and Status tab.

    The Inventory and Status table displays the status information for all the discovered SD-WAN Appliances.

  9. Select the Poll checkbox in the top left corner of the table heading.

    This selects the Poll checkbox for each appliance listed in the table. To exclude an appliance from the polling list, clear its check box.

  10. Click Apply.

Specifying the MCN and Testing the Connection