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Configure Inline Mode

Note: These instructions are valid only for appliances that were provisioned from a factory-reset state with the release 7.1 Configuration Wizard. For appliances that have been updated to release 7.1, but not reprovisioned from a factory-reset state, see the release 7.0 documentation.

Basic configuration is performed in release 7.1 Configuration Wizard. More configuration is required only if you use VLAN trunking on data passing through the bridges.

To configure inline mode

  1. Do not attach the bridges to your traffic networks yet. Begin by provisioning the appliance with the configuration wizard.
  2. If your traffic does not contain tagged VLAN traffic, skip to the last step of this procedure.
  3. Navigate to the NetScaler instance at Configuration \ > NetScaler > Instances and click on the IP address of the NetScaler instance.
  4. If the Citrix SD-WAN Connector Get Started page appears, ignore it.
  5. Click Configuration > Network > VLANs \ > Add.
  6. In the Create VLANdialog box, configure the tagged VLANs to use bridge #1. In the VLAN Id field, enter the VLAN ID of the first tagged VLAN (VLAN1.1 on your worksheet). Under Interfaces, clear all the check boxes. Then, select Active and **Tagged for the first port of the bridge (T9 on your worksheet) and the second port of the bridge (T10). Click **Create.
  7. Repeat the previous step for any remaining VLANs using bridge #1 (VLAN1.2, VLAN1.3, and so on).
  8. Repeat for any additional bridge pairs.
  9. Click Close.
  10. Click Save to save your configuration.
  11. Connect the bridges to your traffic networks. Configuration is complete.

Configure Inline Mode

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