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Ethernet Port Names

When configuring the appliance, you have to specify IP addresses for various Ethernet ports of the appliance.

The Ethernet ports are labeled differently on the front panel of SD-WAN 1000 PE and 2000 PE appliances in the Citrix SD-WAN instance. Review information shown in the following table:

SD-WAN 1000 PE Front Panel SD-WAN 2000 PE Front Panel SD-WAN Instance
MGMT (Blue) 0/1 (LOM/PRI) Primary
AUX 0/2 (AUX) Aux
apA LAN1/WCCP (Green) 1/1 apA.1
apA WAN1 1/2 apA.2
apB LAN2 1/3 apB.1*
apB WAN2 1/4 apB.2*

* Available to the SD-WAN instance only in four-port mode.

Ethernet Port Names

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