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Switching on the Appliance

After you have installed the appliance in a rack and connected the cables, verify that the power cable is properly connected. After verifying the connections, you are ready to switch on the appliance.

To switch on the appliance

  1. Verify that the appliance is connected through a console or Ethernet port, so that you can configure the appliance after it is switched on.
  2. Press the ON/OFF toggle power switch on the appliance. The power button is at the rear of the SD-WAN 2100-SE appliance.
  3. On SD-WAN 2000-SE and 2100-SE appliances, verify that the LCD on the front panel is backlit and the start message appears.

Caution: Be aware of the location of the emergency power off (EPO) switch, so that if an electrical accident occurs, you can quickly remove power from the appliance.

Switching on the Appliance

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