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DHCP server and DHCP relay

Citrix SD-WAN introduces the ability to use Standard or Premium Edition appliances as either DHCP Servers or DHCP Relay agents. The DHCP server feature allows devices on the same network as the SD-WAN appliance’s LAN/WAN interface to obtain their IP configuration from the SD-WAN appliance. The DHCP relay feature allows your SD-WAN appliances to forward DHCP packets between DHCP client and server.

The following are the benefits of using the DHCP server and DHCP relay features:

  • Reduce the amount of equipment at client site.
  • Replace router at client site (Easy deployment of edge router services).
  • Simplify the client site network.
  • Configuration of Router without CLI commands.
  • Reduce manual configuration on simple client sites.

DHCP server

Citrix SD-WAN appliances can be configured as DHCP server. It can assigns and manages IP addresses from specified address pools within the network to DHCP clients. The DHCP server can be configured to assign more parameters such as the IP address of the Domain Name System (DNS) server and the default router. DHCP server accepts address assignment requests and renewals. The DHCP server also accepts broadcasts from locally attached LAN segments or from DHCP requests forwarded by other DHCP relay agents within the network.

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DHCP relay

A DHCP relay agent is a host or router that forwards DHCP packets between clients and servers. Network administrators can use the DHCP Relay service of the SD-WAN appliances to relay requests and replies between local DHCP Clients and a remote DHCP Server. It allows local hosts to acquire dynamic IP addresses from the remote DHCP Server. Relay agent receives DHCP messages and generates a new DHCP message to send out on another interface.

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DHCP server and DHCP relay

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