Viewing Reports

This section provides basic instructions for generating and viewing Virtual WAN reports about the local appliance using the Management Web Interface. An appliance can maintain up to 30 archives and purge the oldest archives which is more than 30 entries.

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Reports generated on the Management Web Interface apply to the local appliance, only. To generate and view reports for the Virtual WAN, use the Virtual WAN Center Web Interface.

To generate and view Virtual WAN reports, do the following:

  1. Log on to the Management Web Interface for the MCN, and select the Monitoring tab.

    This opens the Monitoring navigation tree in the left pane.

  2. Select a report type from the navigation tree.

    The report types are listed as branches in the navigation tree, just below the Flows branch.

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    The available report types are as follows:

    • Performance Reports

    • QoS Reports

    • Usage Reports

    • Availability Reports

    • Appliance Reports

  3. Select the report options. In addition to the various types of reports, for each report type there are numerous options and filters for refining report results.

Viewing Reports