NetScaler SD-WAN 10.0.4 Release Notes

This release note describes known issues, and fixed issues applicable to SD-WAN software release 10.0 version 4 for the SD-WAN Standard Edition, WANOP, and Enterprise Edition appliances, and SD-WAN Center.

For information about the previous release versions, see the NetScaler SD-WAN documentation.

Fixed issues

SDWANHELP-489 (SR# 78293306): The SD-WAN routes are missing and all trusted interfaces become inactive when the SD-WAN service is enabled.

SDWANHELP-485 (SR# 78274277): In release 10 version 2, the application QoS configuration is not displayed in the Monitoring view of the SD-WAN web management interface on a 410-SE appliance.

SDWANHELP-482 (SR# 78247128): In release 10 version 4, a new option to add local IKE-ID when configuring IPsec is added.

SDWANHELP-490 (SR# 78276130): A core dump error occurs when an ICMP echo packet that creates a firewall connection causes the packet to offload from the IP host thread to the DPI threads.

SDWANHELP-502 (SR# SR78294734): When the “Public IP Learning” feature is enabled for Internet links, the virtual paths go DOWN during configuration update to release 10 version 1.

NSSDW-13661: When sites are configured with WAN link templates for MPLS queue configuration, the site deletion takes longer than expected.

NSSDW-13656: A failed (auto) status is reported on the Change Management page after activating staged software with release 10 version 2 build 23 from release 10.0 version 3 on an MCN appliance using the local change management procedure.

NSSDW-13650: In a high availability environment, when you select all for multiple sites to perform an Edit operation, the schedule information is not updated for the secondary branch sites.

NSSDW-13275: When creating routing domains, if you attempt to add multiple routing domains with single configuration GUI workflow, errors occur.

Known issues

NSSDW-13353: The OSPF functionality to configure dynamic routing cannot be enabled for a newly added site.

NetScaler SD-WAN 10.0.4 Release Notes