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Active Bandwidth Testing

Aug 09, 2017

Active Bandwidth Testing enables you the ability to issue an instant path bandwidth test through public internet WAN link, or to schedule public internet WAN link bandwidth testing to be completed at specific times on a recurring basis. This feature is useful for demonstrating how much bandwidth is available between two locations during new and existing installations, also for testing paths to determine the outcome of setting and confirmation changes, such as adjusting DSCP tag settings or bandwidth Permitted Rates.

To use the active bandwidth testing feature:

     1. Navigate to System Maintenance > Diagnostics > Path Bandwidth.

     2. Select the desired Path and click Test.


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The output displays average bandwidth used as value to set as the permitted rate for the WAN Link minimum and maximum bandwidth results of the test. Along with the ability to test the bandwidth, you can now change the configuration file to use the learned bandwidth. This is accomplished through the Auto Learn option is under Site > [Site Name] > WAN Links > [WAN Link Name] > Settings and if enabled, the system will use the learned bandwidth.

You can also schedule recurring tests of path bandwidth in weekly, daily, or hourly intervals.

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A history of the path bandwidth testing results is displayed at the bottom of this page and results are archived every 7 days.

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