How to Add the Branch Site

To add a new branch site to the Sites table and begin configuring the site, do the following:


If you logged out of the MCN after creating and saving the new configuration package, you will need to log back in and reopen the configuration before you can continue. To do so, click Open in the Configuration Editor menu bar (top of page area). This displays a dialog box for selecting the configuration you want to modify.

  1. Continuing in the Configuration Editor, click Add in the Sites bar to begin adding and configuring the new branch site.

    This displays the Add Site dialog box.

    localized image

  2. Enter the following site information.


    Entries cannot contain spaces and must be in Linux format.

    • Site Name – Enter a name for the site.

    • Appliance Name – Enter the name you want to assign to the appliance.

    • Secure Key – This is a hexadecimal key of 8 to 32 digits used for encryption and membership verification in the SD-WAN Appliance. By default, this field is prefilled with an automatically generated security key. Accept the default or enter a custom key in hexadecimal format.  

    • Model – Select the appliance model from the drop-down menu.

    • Mode – Select client as the mode.

    • Enable Site as Intermediate Node – If this option is enabled, the site serves as a mediator for the creation and deletion of Dynamic virtual paths between two or more sites connected to this site.

    • Enable Dynamic Virtual Paths - If this option is enabled, Dynamic virtual paths will be allowed between this site and other sites connected through an existing intermediate node.

  3. Click Add to add the site.

    This adds the new site to the Sites tree, and opens the Basic Settings configuration form for the site.

    localized image

  4. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to enable editing for the form.

  5. Enter the basic settings for the site, and click Apply.

    The next step is to add and configure the Virtual Interface Groups for the new site.

How to Add the Branch Site