How to Configure Routes for the Branch Site

To add and configure the routes for the site, do the following:

  1. Continuing in the site tree for the new site, click + to the left of the Routes branch.

    This displays the Routes table for the site.

    localized image

  2. Click + to the right of the Routes branch to add a route.

    This opens the Routes table for editing and adds a blank route entry to the table.

    localized image

  3. Enter the route configuration information and click Apply.


    After you click Apply, audit warnings appear indicating that further action is required. A red dot or goldenrod delta icon indicates an error in the section where it appears. You can use these warnings to identify errors or missing configuration information. Roll your cursor over an audit warning icon to display a short description of the error(s) in that section. You can also click the dark grey Audits status bar (bottom of page) to display a complete list of all audit warnings.

  4. To add more routes for the site, click + to the right of the Routes branch, and proceed as above.

  5. (Recommended.) Save your changes to the configuration.


    As an extra precaution, it is recommended that you use Save As, rather than Save, to avoid overwriting the wrong configuration package. Be sure to select Allow Overwrite before saving to an existing configuration, or your changes will not be saved.

    You have now completed the required steps for configuring a client site. There are also some additional, optional steps you can choose to complete, before proceeding with the next phase of the deployment. A list of these steps and links to instructions are provided below. If you do not want to configure these features at this time, you can proceed directly to Preparing the Virtual WAN Appliance Packages on the MCN.

    The optional steps are as follows:

    • Configure High Availability – High Availability refers to a configuration in which two Virtual WAN Appliances at a site serve in an Active/Standby partnership capacity for redundancy purposes. If you are not implementing High Availability for this site, you can skip this step. For instructions, see Configuring High Availability (HA) for the Branch Site (Optional).

    • Clone the new branch site –  You have the option of cloning the branch site you just configured, and using that as a template for adding another site. The appliance models for the original site and the clone must be the same. For instructions, see Cloning the Branch Site (Optional).

    • Configure WAN Optimization - If your CloudBridge Virtual WAN license includes WAN Optimization features, you have the option of enabling and adding these features to your configuration. To do so, you must complete the Optimization section in the Configuration Editor, and save the modified configuration. For instructions, proceed to Enabling and Configuring WAN Optimization.

How to Configure Routes for the Branch Site