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Setting up the Master Control Node (MCN) Site

The CloudBridge Virtual WAN Master Control Node is the head end appliance in the Virtual WAN. Typically, this is a CB 4000-VW or CB 5100-VW Virtual WAN Appliance deployed at the Enterprise data center. The MCN serves as the distribution point for the initial system configuration and any subsequent configuration changes. In addition, you conduct most upgrade procedures through the Management Web Interface on the MCN. There can be only one active MCN in a Virtual WAN.

By default, appliances have the pre-assigned role of client. To establish an appliance as the MCN, you must first add and configure the MCN site, and then stage and activate the configuration and appropriate software package on the designated MCN appliance. 

Supplemental MCN Site Deployment Information

The following CloudBridge Knowledge Base support articles are recommended:

Overview of MCN Site Configuration Procedures

The steps for adding and configuring the MCN site are as follows:

  1. Switch the Management Web Interface to MCN Console mode.

  2. Add the MCN site.

  3. Configure the Virtual Interface Groups for the MCN site.

  4. Configure the Virtual IP Addresses for the MCN site.

  5. (Optional) Configure the LAN GRE Tunnels for the site.

  6. Configure the WAN links for the MCN site.

  7. Configure the Access Interfaces for the MCN site.

  8. Configure the routes for the MCN site.

  9. (Optional) Configure High Availability for the MCN site.

  10. (Optional) Configure Virtual WAN security and encryption.

  11. Name and save the MCN site configuration.

Instructions for each of these tasks are provided in the following sections.

Setting up the Master Control Node (MCN) Site