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How to Configure Virtual IP Addresses for the MCN Site

Aug 09, 2017

The next step is to configure the Virtual IP Addresses for the site, and assign them to the appropriate group.

  1. Continuing in the Sites tree for the new MCN site, click + to the left of the Virtual IP Addresses branch.

          This displays the Virtual IP Addresses table for the new site.

localized image

     2.  Click + to the right of Virtual IP Addresses to add an address.

          This opens the form for adding and configuring a new Virtual IP Address.

localized image

     3.  Enter the Virtual IP Address / Prefix information, and select the Virtual Interface with which the address is associated.

          The Virtual IP Address must include the full host address and netmask.


You can click + again to add more Virtual IP Address entries before applying your settings.

     4.  Click Apply.

          This adds the address information to the site and includes it in the site Virtual IP Addresses table.

     5.  To add more Virtual IP Addresses, click + to the right of the Virtual IP Addresses branch, and proceed as above.