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DHCP Client for Data Port (WAN Link IP Address Learning)

Aug 09, 2017

NetScaler SD-WAN appliances support WAN Link IP address learning through DHCP Clients. This functionality reduces the amount of manual configuration to deploy SD-WAN appliances and reduces ISP costs by eliminating the need to purchase static IP addresses. SD-WAN appliances can obtain dynamic IP addresses for WAN Links on untrusted interfaces eliminating the need for an intermediary WAN router to perform this function. 



  • DHCP Client can only be configured for untrusted non-bridged interfaces configured as Client Nodes.  
  • DHCP Client for Data Port can be enabled only on non-MCN sites.
  • One-Arm or Policy Based Routing (PBR) deployment is not supported on the site with DHCP Client configuration.
  • DHCP events are logged from the client’s perspective only and no DHCP server logs are generated.

How To Configure DCHP Client

To configure DHCP for an untrusted virtual interface:

     1. In the Configuration Editor, choose Client from the DHCP drop-down menu under [Site Name] Interface GroupsVirtual Interfaces.


The physical interface in the interface group should be a non-bridged pair on a single interface.

localized image

     2. Navigate to WAN Links[WAN Link Name] Settings Basic Settings

     3. Click the Autodetect Public IP checkbox to enable the MCN to detect the Public IP Address used by the Client. This is required when DHCP Client mode is configured for the WAN Link. 

localized image