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Configuration Rollback

Aug 09, 2017

The Configuration Rollback feature allows the Change Management system to detect and recover from certain software / configuration errors by reverting to the previously active software/configuration.  Not all failure modes will result in a rollback. This feature can detect network outage and appliance crash.

The configuration rollback feature is enabled by default, to disable this feature uncheck Revert on Error option in the Activation tab of the Change Management wizard.

localized image

If a system / configuration error occurs on a client while activating staged package from an MCN the client will revert to the previous software / configuration and an error message appears as shown in the screenshot below.

The client generates a critical severity event for the SOFTWARE_UPDATE object if an appliance crash is detected, or generates a critical severity event for the CONFIG_UPDATE object if a network outage is detected.

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If Revert on Error is enabled, the client appliances will monitor itself for about 10 minutes. If the software crashes within 10 minutes, or if the network is down (unable to establish a Virtual Path to the MCN) for 10 minutes, then a rollback is triggered.

On the MCN, an error message appears as shown in the screen shot below. As the clients rejoin the network, it reports the type of error encountered. A summary count of the number of errors is displayed in the error message.

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In the Change Management window of the MCN, you can see the state of the site appliances indicating if that site had encountered a Software Error, or a Configuration Error.