Setting the Management IP Address for a SD-WAN Appliance

To configure the Management IP Address for a hardware SD-WAN Appliance, do the following:


You must repeat the following process for each hardware appliance you want to add to your network.

  1. If you are configuring a hardware SD-WAN Appliance, physically connect the appliance to a PC.

    If you have not already done so, connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Management Port on the appliance, and the other end to the default Ethernet port on the PC.


    Make sure the Ethernet port is enabled on the PC you are using to connect to the appliance.

  2. Record the current Ethernet port settings for the PC you will be using to set the appliance Management IP Address.

    You will need to change the Ethernet port settings on the PC before you can set the appliance Management IP Address. Be sure to record the original settings so you can restore them after configuring the Management IP Address.

  3. Change the IP Address for the PC.

    On the PC, open your network interface settings and change the IP Address for your PC to the following:

  4. Change the Subnet Mask setting on your PC to the following:

  5. On the PC, open a browser and enter the default IP Address for the appliance.


    It is recommended that you use Google Chrome browser when connecting to a SD-WAN Appliance.

    Enter the following IP Address in the address line of the browser:


    Please ignore any browser certificate warnings for the CloudBridge Management Web Interface.

    This opens the NetScaler SD-WAN Management Web Interface Login screen on the connected appliance, as shown in the below figure.

    localized image

  6. Enter the Administrator user name and password, and click Login.

    • Default Administrator user name: admin

    • Default Administrator password: password


    It is strongly recommended that you change the default password as soon as possible. Be sure to record the password in a secure location, as password recovery might require a configuration reset.

    After you have logged into the Management Web Interface, the Dashboard page displays, as shown below.

    localized image

    The first time you log into the Management Web Interface on an appliance, the Dashboard displays an Alert icon (goldenrod delta) and alert message indicating that the Virtual WAN Service is disabled, and the license has not been installed. For now, you can ignore this alert. The alert will be resolved after you have installed the license, and completed the configuration and deployment process for the appliance.

    Below figure shows a sample Dashboard after the Virtual WAN has been fully configured and deployed.

    localized image

  7. In the main menu bar, select the Configuration section tab.

    This displays the Configuration navigation tree in the left pane of the screen. The Configuration navigation tree contains the following three primary branches:

    • Appliance Settings
    • Virtual WAN
    • System Maintenance

    When you select the Configuration tab, the Appliance Settings branch automatically opens, with the Administrator Interface page preselected by default, as shown in the below figure.

    localized image

  8. In the Appliance Settings branch of the navigation tree, select Network Adaptors

    This displays the Network Adaptors settings page with the IP Address tab preselected by default, as shown in the below figure.

    localized image

  9. In the IP Address tab page, enter the following information for the CloudBridge Virtual WAN Appliance you want to configure.

    • IP Address
    • Subnet Mask
    • Gateway IP Address


    The Management IP Address must be unique for each appliance.

  10. Click Change Settings.

    A confirmation dialog box displays, prompting you to verify that you want to change these settings.

  11. Click OK.
  12. Change the network interface settings on your PC back to the original settings.


    Changing the IP Address for your PC automatically closes the connection to the appliance, and terminates your login session on the Management Web Interface.

  13. Disconnect the appliance from the PC and connect the appliance to your network router or switch.

    Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the PC, but do not disconnect it from your appliance. Connect the free end of the cable to your network router or switch. 

    The SD-WAN Appliance is now connected to and available on your network.

  14. Test the connection.

    On a PC connected to your network, open a browser and enter the Management IP Address you just configured for the appliance. 

    If the connection is successful, this displays the Login screen for the NetScaler SD-WAN Management Web Interface on the appliance you just configured.


    After verifying the connection, do not log out of the Management Web Interface. You will be using it to complete the remaining tasks outlined in the subsequent sections.

    You have now set the Management IP Address of your SD-WAN Appliance, and can connect to the appliance from any location in your network.

Setting the Management IP Address for a SD-WAN Appliance