Uploading and Installing the SD-WAN Software License File

This section provides instructions for uploading and installing the SD-WAN software license files to the appliances. You must do this for each appliance you want to add to your SD-WAN deployment.

If this is an initial deployment, you have the option of completing this task now, or when you manually upload and install the Appliance Packages on each of the appliances. However, installing the Appliance Packages occurs much later in the deployment process, and involves several other procedures. In general, it is recommended that you complete the licensing procedure now, as it will simplify both tasks.

For each appliance you want to add to your network, do the following:

  1. If you have not already done so, download the license file to the PC you will be using to log into to the appliance.

    For information about obtaining licenses, see the section Licensing.

  2. Log into the Management Web Interface on the appliance you are licensing.

    Open a browser and enter the Management IP Address for the appliance in the address field of the browser, and press Return. A successful login opens the Management Web Interface and displays the Dashboard page.

  3. In the main menu bar, select the Configuration tab.

    This displays the Configuration navigation tree in the left pane, and automatically opens the Appliance Settings branch in the tree.

    localized image

  4. In the Appliance Settings branch, select Licensing.

    This displays the Licensing page.

    localized image

  5. Click Choose File.

    This displays a file browser for selecting the license file. Navigate to the license file you downloaded earlier, and select it.

  6. Click Upload.

    When the upload completes, the name of the file displays in the Filename: field at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click Apply Settings.

    When the operation completes, the Licensing page refreshes and the new license information displays in the License Status section.

    localized image

    You have now completed the process of setting up the appliance. Repeat these steps  for each appliance you want to add to your SD-WAN.


    If you have not already downloaded the NetScaler SD-WAN software packages to a PC connected to your network, please do so now. For information on acquiring and downloading the software packages, see Acquiring the SD-WAN Software Packages.

Uploading and Installing the SD-WAN Software License File