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Configuring SNMP Monitoring for the SD-WAN WANOP Edition AMI on AWS

Aug 09, 2017

You must enable SNMP monitoring on the SD-WAN AMI on AWS. Also, you must grant SNMP monitoring access to the paired NetScaler VPX or SD-WAN Connector on AWS by adding its NSIP on the SD-WAN AMI instance.

To configure SNMP monitoring on the SD-WAN Connector AMI by using the SD-WAN graphical user interface

  1. In the navigation pane, expand Configuration, and then click Logging/Monitoring.

  2. In the details pane, click the SNMP tab.

  3. In the System Information section, in the SNMP Status row, click Enable. This action enables SNMP monitoring on the SD-WAN AMI instance.

  4. In the Access Configuration section, add SNMP monitoring access to SD-WAN VPX appliance by setting the following parameters:

    • Community String (set to the string public)
    • Management Station IP (set to the NSIP of the SD-WAN VPX on AWS)

  5. Click Add.