Product Documentation

Limitations and Usage Guidelines for the SD-WAN WANOP Edition AMI Instances on AWS

Aug 09, 2017
  • High Availability setup for SD-WAN AMI instances is not supported.
  • SD-WAN AMI instance in Group Mode is not supported.
  • SD-WAN plug-ins are not supported.
  • Tagged VLAN is not supported because of the inherent limitation of AWS.
  • Traffic shaping is not supported.
  • You may create only an m1.large SD-WAN AMI instance on AWS.
  • IP address/gateway/subnet assignment using the SD-WAN management user interface is not supported.
  • Console access is not available for SD-WAN AMI instance on AWS.
  • While configuring the SD-WAN instance, you may not change the disk size, which has a default value of 250 GB. A higher capacity disk does not increase the available Disk Based Compression (DBC) cache size.