Product Documentation


Aug 09, 2017

To deploy a Citrix SD-WAN 4000 or 5000 appliance, you must complete the following prerequisite setup before configuring the appliance.

Software Versions

This document covers release of the SD-WAN software. See the release notes for the recommended versions of the NetScaler software corresponding to the desired release of the SD-WAN software. Never use any versions other than those recommended for SD-WAN 4000 and 5000 appliances.

License File

The number of accelerator appliances depend on the hardware platform and the type of license you apply to the appliance. The following list displays the number of accelerators that gets provisioned automatically by the Configuration Wizard:

  • Model 310: Two
  • Model 500: Three
  • Models 1000 and 1500: Six
  • Model 2000: Eight

Before you start provisioning the appliance, Citrix recommends that you have the license file with you, as it is required early in the configuration process To download a license file, complete the procedure described in the My Account All Licensing Tools - User Guide.

Installing the Hardware

After you receive the hardware appliance from Citrix, you need to install it in the network. Complete the following procedures to install the hardware.

Installing the Hardware in the Network

To install the SD-WAN 4000/5000 appliance hardware, follow the installation procedure at Installing the Hardware.

Creating a Loopback Adapter

Plug in the provided loopback cable available with the appliance into ports 10/3 and 10/4 to create a loopback adapter. The loopback adapter is used for the communication between the NetScaler instance and the accelerators.

Note: If you do not want to use the loopback cable, navigate to the System > Configuration > System page and click the Configure Loopback Settings link in the System Settings section. Select the Eliminate Loopback Cable option, and then click OK.