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Configuring the Instance for Connection Migration

Aug 09, 2017

In your network setup, if you expect connection migration between the routers, then you must configure the layer 4 parameters and make changes to the VLAN configurations, appropriately.

  • Configure Layer 4 Parameters

    If you have two routers and expect connection migration between the routers, you must configure layer 4 parameters on the NetScaler instance.

    To configure layer 4 parameters from the configuration utility
    1.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_A8A4936F6743499899683D47304157B2">Navigate to the System \> Network page.</span>
    2.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_54891F0D141744A386D3E18AC0599AC3">Click the Configure Layer 2 Parameter link, as shown in the following figure.</span>
    3.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_3E76196C3C734AD1AD6049E28A008090">In the Configure Layer 4 Parameter dialog box, select the Vlan from the L2 Connection Method list, as shown in the following figure.</span>
    4.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_D8F91DF549954BB0A480FD550300AA71">Click OK.</span> <!-- end list --> -  
    To bind the subnet IP address to VLAN of data interface by using the command line interface, run the following command
    \> set L4Param –l2connMethod vlan
  • Configuring VLANs for Connection Migration

    To configure VLANs for connection migration by using the configuration utility
    1.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_02D0A1937D6F4C79B7A90C7FC54CEBF0">Navigate to the System \> Network \> VLANs page.</span>
    2.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_8EEF442BE88C49FFA360ECA3B6EC4EF3">Select the VLAN, such as 1009, to which interface and subnet IP address of the second link is bound.</span>
    3.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_45259D2A4ED54212B9F78E7F553BAEF6">Click Open.</span>
    4.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_39E149ADDF0D4D1DB6467C8BC6DF1470">In the Interface Bindings tab of the Configure VLAN dialog box, clear the interface you are using (entry T9 of your worksheet), as shown in the following screen shot.</span>
    5.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_17324EEB87C74BFA9186AC5AB0288E37">In the IP Bindings tab, clear the entry for subnet IP address bound to the VLAN.</span>
    6.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_7922336DF0AC4499A8B781D7C4DE2F6B">Click OK.</span>
    7.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_5F2AF7D5DA9C4639B3106A8FC64A57A0">Open the VLAN, such as 1007, to which you want to bind the data interface.</span>
    8.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_EC7097E53B7047C5A7AA8E2FBC75CE45">In the interface Binding tab, select the data interface (entry T9 in your worksheet)</span>
    9.  <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_2DF5B5FC803C42B98D80A901CDF3671C">In the IP Bindings tab, select the subnet IP address (entry T5 in your worksheet) you just unbound from the other VLAN.</span>
    10. <span id="cb-virtual-inline-config-inst-conn-tsl__li_E758144B10124AD484A3DDEE7F3F23B6">Click OK.</span>
  • To configure VLANs for connection migration by using the command line interface, run the following commands

    ``` pre codeblock

    unbind vlan 1009 –ifnum 10/6 unbind vlan 1009 –IPAddress bind vlan 1007 –ifnum 10/6 bind vlan 1007 –IPAddress ```