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Assigning a Management IP Address through the Ethernet Port

Aug 09, 2017

Use the following procedure for initial configuration of every SD-WAN 4000, 4100, or 5100 appliance. The procedure accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Configure the appliance for use on your site.
  • Install the Citrix license.

For detailed steps, see Assigning a Management IP Address.

If you want to configure the appliance by connecting it to the computer through the serial console, assign the management service IP address from your Worksheet by completing the Assigning a Management IP Address through the Serial Console procedure, and then run steps 4 through 11 of the following procedure.

Note: You must have physical access to the appliance.

  • To configure the appliance by connecting a computer to the SD-WAN appliance’s Ethernet port 0/1

    1. Set the Ethernet port address of a computer (or other browser-equipped device with an Ethernet port), to, with a network mask of On a Windows device, this is done by changing the Internet Protocol Version 4 properties of the LAN connection, as shown below. You can leave the gateway and DNS server fields blank.
    2. Using an Ethernet cable, connect this computer to the port labeled PRI on the SD-WAN appliance.
    3. Switch on the appliance. Using the web browser on the computer, access the appliance by using the default management service IP address, which is
    4. On the login page, use the following default credentials to log on to the appliance, user: admin and password: password.
    5. A redirection to new management IP message appears.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Unplug your computer from the Ethernet port and connect the port to your management network.
    8. Reset the IP address of your computer to its previous setting.
    9. From a computer on the management network, log on to the appliance by entering the new management service IP address, such as https://<Managemnt_IP_Address>, in a web browser.
    10. To continue the configuration, accept the certificate and continue. The option to continue varies according to the web browser you are using.
    11. Log on to the appliance.