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NetScaler SD-WAN 410 SE

Aug 09, 2017

The SD-WAN 410 SE platform has a dual-core processor and 8GB of memory. This platform has a bandwidth of up to 150 Mbps.

The following figure shows the front panel of a SD-WAN 410 SE appliance.

localized image

The power button switches main power (the power to the power supply) on or off.

The reset button restarts the appliance.

•       apA, apB, and apC -Indicate network activity on the LAN and WAN ports.

•       Bypass port— Indicates the status of the third pair of bypass ports.  

•       Power—When blinking, indicates that the applaince is doing factory reset. 

The LEDs provide critical information about different parts of the appliance.

  • Power Fail—Indicates that a power supply unit has failed.

  • Information LED—Indicates the following:


    Status Description
    Continuously on yellowish orange (looks like red) Data ports are in bypass mode (FTW)

    Continuously ON and red.

    The appliance is overheated.

    (This might be a result of cable congestion.)

    Blinking red (1Hz) - slow blinking red

    Fan failure.

    Blinking red (0.25Hz) - fast blinking red

    Power failure.

    Solid blue

    Local UID has been activated. Use this function to locate the server in a rack mount environment.

    Blinking blue (300 m/s)

    Remote UID is on. Use this function to identify the server from a remote location.

    Solid Green Appliance is working fine.




The terms FTW and bypass are inter-exchangabely. The bypass port is the FTW port.

localized image

The above figure shows the back panel of a SD-WAN 410 SE appliance.

The following components are visible on the back panel of a SD-WAN 410 SE appliance:

  • Cooling fan - This platform is intended for use in a branch typically desktop mounted with ambient air temperature.  Fan less operation is highly desired and expected. 
  • Single power supply, rated at 200 watts, 110-240 volts. Power supply has an LED that indicates the status of the power supply, as described in hardware-common-components-con1.html
  • One RJ45 management port:
    • 1GigE Copper (1000BASE-TX)
    • BMC availabile, but disabled by default.  Located at the front of the appliance. No LOM port
    • Does not support fail-to-wire
  • Two USB ports
  • One Solid State Drive (SSD) - 64 GB SATADOM
  • Power switch, which turns power to the appliance on or off. Press the switch for less than two seconds to turn off the power.

For information about installing the rails, rack mounting the hardware, and connecting the cables, see “Installing the Hardware.”

For information about performing initial configuration of your appliance, see “Initial Configuration.”


Port Labelling for SD-WAN 410

The ports on the fail-to-wire cards are labeled to facilitate SD-WAN (Virtual WAN) feature. The ports on the FTW card are labeled in pairs.  The label appears as a white rectangle around the ports that comprise the FTW.

All data ports are labeled in the order they are enumerated by the Operating System.  The ports use odd port numbers for LAN ports and even port numbers for WAN ports.  1/1 is used for the first LAN port, 1/2 for the first WAN port, 1/3 for the second LAN Port, 1/4 for the second WAN port, 1/5 for the third LAN Port, and 1/6 for the third WAN Port.