Product Documentation

Saving/Restoring Parameters of an HA Pair

Aug 09, 2017

The System Maintenance: Backup/Restore function can be used to save and restore parameters of an HA pair as follows:

  • To back up the parameters

    Use the backup feature as usual. That is, log on to the GUI through the HA VIP address (as is normal when managing the HA pair) and, on the System Management: Backup/Restore page, click Download Settings.

  • To restore the parameters

    1. Disable HA on both appliances by clearing the Enabled check box on the Configuration: Advanced Deployments: High Availability (HA) tab.
    2. Unplug a network cable from the bridge of one appliance. (Call it “Appliance A.”)
    3. Unplug the power cord from Appliance A.
    4. Restore the parameters on the other appliance (Appliance B), by uploading a previously saved set of parameters on the System Maintenance: Backup/Restore page and clicking Restore Settings. (Completing this operation requires a restart, which reenables HA).
    5. Wait for Appliance B to restart. It becomes the primary.
    6. Restart Appliance A.
    7. Log on to Appliance A’s GUI and reenable HA on the Configuration: Advanced Deployments: High Availability (HA) tab. The appliance get its parameters from the primary.
    8. Plug in the network cable removed in step 2.

    Both appliances are now restored and synchronized.