Product Documentation

Standard Edition in AWS for Cloudwatch Support

Aug 09, 2017

NetScaler SD-WAN Standard Edition in AWS now supports basic CloudWatch for monitoring your SD-WAN instance running on AWS infrastructure. CloudWatch alarms send notifications or automatically make changes to the resources you are monitoring. Under basic monitoring, seven pre-selected metrics at five minute frequency and three status check metrics at one minute frequency are available for your SD-WAN instance for no additional charge. You can view the following metrics for your SD-WAN image.

a)  CPU Utilization - The percentage of allocated compute units that are currently being used for the instance. This metric identifies the processing power required to run an application upon a selected instance.

b)  Diskread operations - Read operations from all instance volumes available for the specified period.

c)  DiskWrite operations – Write operations for all instance store volume available for the instance in a specified duration of time.

d)  DiskReadBytes – Bytes written to all instance store volumes available to the running instance

e)  NetworkIn – This metric identifies the volume of incoming traffic for a single instance.

f)   Network Out - This metric identifies the volume of outgoing traffic for a single instance.

g)  Networkpacketsout – Number of packets sent out on all network interfaces by the instance, this is only available for basic monitoring.