IPSec Monitoring and Logging

How To Monitor IPSec Tunnel Statistics

To monitor IPSec tunnel statistics:

  1. Navigate to MonitorStatistics. Choose IPsec Tunnel from the Show drop-down menu as shown below:

    localized image

  2. Navigate to MonitorIKE/IPsec. Observe the configured IPsec tunnels, the IKE and IPsec service associations between two or mode VPN endpoints configured within the SD-WAN network.

How To Monitor IPSec Logs

  1. Navigate to ConfigurationAppliance SettingsLogging/Monitoring. Select Filename from the drop-down menu and click View Log. You can view the following log details for the IPsec tunnel:

    • Creation and Deletion of IPsec tunnel

    • IPsec tunnel status change

    localized image

    localized image

How To View IPSec Tunnel Alerts

  1. Navigate to ConfigurationAppliance SettingsLogging/MonitoringAlert Options.

  2. Create Email and Syslog alerts for IPsec tunnel state reporting.

    • Supports IPSEC_TUNNEL as one of the Event types which allows you to configure Email and Syslog Severity Filters.

How To Monitor IPSec Tunnel Events

  1. Navigate to ConfigurationSystem MaintenanceDiagnosticsEvents.

  2. Add events based on the “IPSEC_TUNNEL” object type. Create filters for all IPsec related events.