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Monitoring Your Virtual WAN

Aug 09, 2017

Viewing Basic Information for an Appliance

Use a browser to connect to the Management Web Interface of the appliance you want to monitor, and click the Dashboard tab to display basic information for that appliance.

The Dashboard page displays the following basic information for the local appliance:

System Status:

  • Name – This is the name you assigned to the appliance when you added it to the system.

  • Model – This is the Virtual WAN appliance model number.

  • Appliance Mode – This indicates whether this appliance has been configured as the primary or secondary MCN, or as a client appliance.

  • Management IP Address – This is the Management IP Address for the appliance.

  • Appliance Uptime – This specifies the duration for which the appliance has been running since the last reboot.

  • Service Uptime – This specifies the duration for which the Virtual WAN Service has been running since the last restart.

Virtual Path Service Status:

  • Virtual Path [site name] – This displays the current status of all the Virtual Paths associated with this appliance. If the Virtual WAN Service is enabled, this section is included on the page. If the Virtual WAN Service is disabled, an Alert icon (goldenrod delta) and Alert message to that effect displays in place of this section.

Local Version Information:

  • Software version – This is the version of the CloudBridge Virtual Path software package currently activated on the appliance.

  • Build on – This is the build date for the product version currently running on the local appliance.

  • Hardware version – This is the hardware model number and version of the appliance.

  • OS Partition Version – This is the version of the OS partition currently active on the appliance. **

    The below figure shows a sample Dashboard page for the MCN, and MCN Appliance information.

localized image

The below figure shows a sample Dashboard page and information for a client appliance.

localized image