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Redirector Mode

Aug 09, 2017

Redirector mode works differently from transparent mode in the following ways:

  • The WANOP Client Plug-in Plug-in software redirects the packets by addressing them explicitly to the appliance.
  • Therefore, the redirector-mode appliance does not have to intercept all of the WAN-link traffic. Because accelerated connections are addressed to it directly, it can be placed anywhere, as long as it can be reached by both the plug-in and the server.
  • The appliance performs its optimizations, then redirects the output packets to the server, replacing the source IP address in the packets with its own address. From the server’s point of view, the connection originates at the appliance.
  • Return traffic from the server is addressed to the appliance, which performs optimizations in the return direction and forwards the output packets to the plug-in.
  • The destination port numbers are not changed, so network monitoring applications can still classify the traffic.

The below figure shows how the Redirector mode works.

Figure 1. Redirector Mode


localized image

The below figure shows the packet flow and address mapping in redirector mode.

Figure 2. Packet Flow in Redirector Mode


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