NetScaler SD-WAN 9.3.5 Release Notes

This release note describes known issues, and fixed issues applicable to Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN software release 9.3.5 for the SD-WAN Standard, WANOP, and Enterprise Edition appliances.

What’s New

The NetScaler SD-WAN release 9.3 version 5 introduces the 210 Standard Edition LTE – R1 and R 2 platform. See the 210-SE LTE topic for more information about the 210-SE LTE R1/R2 platform.

Fixed Issues

Issue ID 706340: In a SD-WAN deployment with serial HA, the secondary appliance does not perform fail-to-wire and bridging traffic to LAN. If secondary appliance is turned off, then fail-to-wire occurs, and traffic is bridged to LAN.

Issue ID 706721: The GUI session stops working when you try to navigate to the configuration tab if multiple tech-support files remain in the two-box (Virtual WAN, WANOP) solution.

Issue ID 707003: During peak traffic or load condition, STS generation may cause system out-of-memory issues and creates incomplete diagnostics file.

Issue ID 707397: Virtual Paths reset because of HA failover during configuration Activation.

Issue ID 707561: Under rare condition, enabling dynamic virtual paths causes system crash.

Issue ID 707569: In a multi-routing domain environment, system crashes when it receives out of order packets.

Issue ID 709267: System crash related to dynamic virtual path.

Issue ID 705855: After configuration and activation, the SD-WAN service might crash when traffic flow is moved from one WAN service to another WAN service where NATing is enabled.

Known Issues

Issue ID 702711: Backing up of configuration files from SD-WAN WANOP 7.4 or pre 9.3 releases and restoring it on SD-WAN WANOP 9.3 and above releases is not supported.

Issue ID 706510: The SD-WAN Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition appliances report incorrect NetFlow data. The output interface number in the NetFlow record is inaccurate. You can ignore NetFlow data related to the output interface.

Issue ID 708986: If you switch the LTE modem firmware or restart the LTE modem, the LTE modem might crash or become inactive. This can cause the 210-SE LTE appliance to become unresponsive.

Workaround: Power cycle the 210-SE LTE appliance to recover it.

Issue ID 708995: Virtual paths become inactive when the LTE modem is rebooted after SIM card reset or firmware change.

Workaround: Reboot the 210-SE LTE appliance.

NetScaler SD-WAN 9.3.5 Release Notes