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Converting Existing Appliance to Enterprise Edition Appliance

Aug 09, 2017

You can convert your existing appliance to Standard Edition if the Enterprise Edition license installation fails on the Enterprise Edition 1000 and 2000 appliances:

To perform platfrom conversion from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition:

  1. Export the Configuration locally.
  2. Download the Active Package from the Change Management page.
  3. Upgrade the appliance using the downloaded package from System Maintenance -> Update Software -> Re-image Virtual WAN Appliance software.
  4. Click Choose File to provide the cb-vw_CB1000_9.1.0.x.tar.gz  file.
  5. Click Upload. Select Accept and click on Install to proceed.
  6. Install the Enterprise Edition License.
  7. Perform Local Change Management on the appliance using the downloaded active package in step 2 above.