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Overview of VPX Installation and Deployment Procedures

Aug 09, 2017

This section provides a summary of the steps involved for installing and deploying a SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Appliance.

You can install SD-WAN VPX-SE on the following platforms:

Summary of Procedures for Deploying a SD-WAN VPX-VW on ESXI

The following list summarizes the steps and procedures involved in deploying a SD-WAN VPX-SE on a VMware ESXi server.

     1.  Gather your SD-WAN VPX-SE installation and configuration information.

          For instructions, see SD-WAN VPX-SE Installation and Configuration Checklist.

     2.  Install the VMware vSphere Client.

          For instructions, see Installing the VMware vSphere Client.

     3.  Install and deploy the SD-WAN VPX-SE OVF Template.

          For instructions, see Installing and Deploying the SD-WAN VPX-SE OVF Template.

     4.  Configure the SD-WAN VPX-SE Management IP Address.

          For instructions, see Configuring the Management IP Address for the SD-WAN VPX-SE.

     5.  Connect to the SD-WAN VPX-SE and test the deployment.

          For instructions, see Connecting to the SD-WAN VPX-SE and Testing the Deployment.