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NetScaler SD-WAN VPX-SE Installation and Configuration Information Checklist

Aug 09, 2017

Gather the following information:

  • Note the IP Address of the ESXi server that will host the SD-WAN VPX-SE
    Virtual Machine (VM).

  • Select a unique name to assign to the SD-WAN VPX-SE VM.

  • Determine the amount of memory to allocate for the SD-WAN VPX-SE VM.

  • Determine the amount of disk capacity to allocate for the virtual disk for the VM (default disk space requirement is 39.1 GB).

  • If you are not using DHCP,  note the IP Address you intend to assign as the static Management IP Address for the SD-WAN VPX-SE. (By default, SD-WAN VPX-SE uses DHCP).

  • Determine the Gateway IP Address the SD-WAN VPX-SE will use to communicate with external networks.

  • Note the subnet mask for the network in which the SD-WAN VPX-SE will reside.