Product Documentation


Jul 19, 2017
Q. Which hardware platforms are supported for NetScaler Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?
Q. What are the two capture modes that I can set when creating a proxy on the SWG appliance?
Q. Does NetScaler SWG have a configuration wizard?
Q. Which NetScaler features are used when configuring NetScaler SWG?
Q. What authentication methods are supported on NetScaler SWG?
Q. Is it necessary to install the CA Certificate on the client device?
Q. Can I use a NetScaler ADC Platform license on the NetScaler SWG platform?
Q. Is HA supported for a NetScaler Secure Web Gateway deployment?
Q. Which file contains the logs for NetScaler SWG?
Q. Which nsconmsg commands can I use to troubleshoot issues?
Q. If the certificate bundle is built-in, how do I get updates?
Q. Can data be captured on NetScaler MAS from NetScaler SWG?
Q. What is URL Filtering Service?
Q. How does URL Filtering fit into NetScaler SWG?
Q. How often is the URL Categorization database updated?
Q. What use-cases are a best fit for URL Filtering service today?
Q. Is there a memory limit for caching in URL Categorization service?
Q. What does the URL Categorization database return if no category matches the incoming request?
Q. What is a URL reputation score and how do you control access to malicious websites based on the reputation score?
Q. If you filter websites using a URL Set but incorrectly filter a specific website, what is the process to enable exceptional websites?
Q. What are the key benefits of using NetScaler SWG URL Filtering feature?
Q. If you are using a URL List feature to filter websites, how to edit a URL list policy?
Q. What does the metadata associated to a URL contain?
Q. What type of license and subscription you need for URL Categorization feature?
Q. What are the ways I can configure URL Filtering?
Q. What are the types of URL categories that you can block?
Q. What must we do if we are unable to access Origin servers that use WebSocket, such as