Get started with an SWG instance on a NetScaler SDX appliance

The NetScaler SDX appliance is a multitenant platform on which you can provision and manage multiple virtual NetScaler instances. The SDX appliance addresses cloud computing and multitenancy requirements by allowing a single administrator to configure and manage the appliance and delegate the administration of each hosted instance to tenants. The SDX appliance enables the appliance administrator to provide each tenant the following benefits. They are given below:

  • One complete instance. Each instance has the following privileges:
    • Dedicated CPU and memory resources
    • A separate space for entities
    • The independence to run the release and build of their choice
    • Lifecycle independence
  • A completely isolated network. Traffic meant for a particular instance is sent only to that instance.

If you have not already installed your NetScaler SDX appliance, see Hardware Installation for information about installing the appliance.

You must use the Management Service to perform initial configuration of the NetScaler SDX appliance. For more information, see Getting Started with the Management Service User Interface.

You can provision NetScaler SWG instances on the NetScaler SDX appliance the same way that you would provision a NetScaler VPX instance. To provision an SWG instance on an SDX appliance, you need to install an “SDX - 10K concurrent sessions SWG add-on pack” license. This license is similar to SDX instance packs for VPX but is exclusive to SWG instances. For more information about provisioning NetScaler instances, see Provisioning NetScaler instances.

To configure the NetScaler SWG instance to receive traffic, follow the instructions in Getting Started with a NetScaler SWG Appliance.

Get started with an SWG instance on a NetScaler SDX appliance