Verifying your setup for AAA

After you configure authentication and traffic management virtual servers and before you create user accounts, you should verify that both virtual servers are configured correctly and are in the UP state.

To verify authentication virtual server setup by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type the following command:

show authentication vserver <name>

        > show authentication vserver Auth-Vserver-2
        Auth-Vserver-2 ( - SSL Type: CONTENT
        State: UP
        Client Idle Timeout: 180 sec
        Down state flush: DISABLED
        Disable Primary Vserver On Down : DISABLED
        Authentication : ON
        Current AAA Users: 0
        Authentication Domain:

To verify your AAA virtual server setup by using the configuration utility

  1. Navigate to Security > AAA - Application Traffic > Virtual Servers.
  2. Review the information in the AAA Virtual Servers pane to verify that your configuration is correct and your authentication virtual server is accepting traffic. You can select a specific virtual server to view detailed information in the details pane.
Verifying your setup for AAA