Traffic Settings

If you use forms-based or SAML single sign-on (SSO) for your protected applications, you configure that feature in the Traffic settings. SSO enables your users to log on once to access all protected applications, rather than requiring them to log on separately to access each one.

Forms-based SSO allows you to use a web form of your own design as the sign-on method instead of a generic pop-up window. You can therefore put you company logo and other information you might want your users to see on the logon form. SAML SSO allows you to configure one NetScaler appliance or virtual appliance instance to authenticate to another NetScaler appliance on behalf of users who have authenticated with the first appliance.

To configure either type of SSO, you first create a forms or SAML SSO profile. Next, you create a traffic profile and link it to the SSO profile you created. Next, you create a policy, link it to the traffic profile. Finally, you bind the policy globally or to an authentication virtual server to put your configuration into effect.

Traffic Settings

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