Enabling integrated authentication on the web application server

To set up NetScaler appliance Kerberos SSO on each web application server that Kerberos SSO will manage, use the configuration interface on that server to configure the server to require authentication. Select Kerberos (negotiate) authentication by preference, with fallback to NTLM for clients that do not support Kerberos.

Following are instructions for configuring Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) to require authentication. If your web application server uses software other than IIS, consult the documentation for that web server software for instructions.

To configure Microsoft IIS to use integrated authentication

  1. Log on to the IIS server and open Internet Information Services Manager.
  2. Select the web site for which you want to enable integrated authentication. To enable integrated authentication for all IIS web servers managed by IISM, configure authentication settings for the Default Web Site. To enable integrated authentication for individual services (such as Exchange, Exadmin, ExchWeb, and Public), configure these authentication settings for each service individually.
  3. Open the Properties dialog box for the default web site or for the individual service, and click the Directory Security tab.
  4. Beside Authentication and Access Control, select Edit.
  5. Disable anonymous access.
  6. Enable Integrated Windows authentication (only). Enabling integrated Windows authentication should automatically set protocol negotiation for the web server to Negotiate, NTLM, which specifies Kerberos authentication with fallback to NTLM for non-Kerberos capable devices. If this option is not automatically selected, manually set protocol negotiation to Negotiate, NTLM.
Enabling integrated authentication on the web application server