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Benefits and Uses of Admin Partitions

Dec 09, 2015

You can avail the following benefits by using admin partitions for your deployment:

  • Allows delegation of administrative ownership of an application to the customer.

  • Reduces the cost of ADC ownership without compromising on performance and ease-of-use.

  • Safeguards from unwarranted configuration changes. In a non-partitioned NetScaler, authorized users of other application could intentionally or unintentionally change configurations that are required for your application. This could lead to undesirable behavior. This possibility is reduced in a partitioned NetScaler.

  • Isolates traffic between different applications by the use of dedicated VLANs for each partition.

  • Accelerates and allows to scale application deployments.

  • Allows application-level or localized management and reporting.

Let us analyze a couple of cases to understand the scenarios in which you can use admin partitions.

Case 1 : Admin partitions used by an enterprise
Case 2 : Admin partitions used by a service provider