Product Documentation


Sep 09, 2016

The following topics provide a conceptual reference and configuration instructions for the AppExpert and other features of the NetScaler appliance.

Action Analytics Collects run-time statistics on the basis of pre-defined criteria. When used with policies, the feature also provides you with the infrastructure for automatic, real-time traffic optimization.


AppExpert Applications and Templates

Simplify configuration steps for the Citrix® NetScaler® appliance by using applications, application templates, NetScaler Gateway applications, and entity templates.


Entity Templates

Describes how to use entity templates to set up and configure individual NetScaler entities, such as a policy or virtual server. An entity template provides a specification and a set of defaults for the object.

AppQoE Application level Quality of Experience (AppQoE) integrates several existing policy-based security features of the NetScaler appliance into a single integrated feature that takes advantage of a new queuing mechanism, fair queuing.
HTTP Callouts An HTTP request that the NetScaler appliance generates and sends to an external application when certain criteria are met during policy evaluation.
Pattern Sets Allow string matching during the evaluation of a default syntax policy.
Policies and Expressions Rules that determine the operations that the NetScaler appliance must perform.
Rate Limiting Defines the maximum load for a given network entity or virtual entity on the NetScaler appliance.
Responder Bases responses on who sends the request, where it is sent from, and other criteria with security and system management implications.
Rewrite Rewrites information in the requests or responses handled by the NetScaler appliance.
String Maps Perform pattern matching in all NetScaler features that use the default policy syntax.