To Import and merge rules

When using the signature editor to perform an import and merge operation from the GUI, you can now see the new, updated, duplicate, and invalid rules.

The signature editor displays the following four new rows:

  1. New Rules

  2. Updated Rules

  3. Duplicate Rules

  4. Invalid Rules

The output of the New Rules Only and Updated Rules Only filters also appears in the Category filter pane of the Edit window in signature editor.

You will need to import the files from GUI to see the corresponding links for New, duplicate, invalid and updated rules.

For example, you can use GUI to import the following signature files:


To import signature rules:

  1. In the NetScaler web GUI, go to Configuration > Security > Application Firewall > Signatures. In the Signatures window, click Add. Then select File Format > Native,  Import From > URL and in the URL field, add the above link. For example; <>.

  2. After you click Open, the signature file will open and you can see links for New Rule and Invalid Rules.

  3.  If you import a 3<sup>rd</sup> party signature rule from the following site, for example;  <> as shown below, you can see 90 new Rules and 9 duplicate Rules in the imported .xml file.

To Import and merge rules

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