Disabling a cluster node

You can temporarily remove a node from a cluster by disabling the cluster instance on that node. A disabled node is not synchronized with the cluster configurations. When the node is enabled again, the cluster configurations are automatically synchronized on it. For more information, see Synchronization across cluster nodes.

A disabled node cannot serve traffic and all existing connections on this node are terminated.


If the configurations of a disabled non-configuration coordinator node are modified (through the NSIP address of the node), the configurations are not automatically synchronized on that node. You must manually synchronize the configurations as described in Synchronizing Cluster Configurations.

To disable a cluster node by using the command line interface

At the command prompt of the node that you want to disable, type:

disable cluster instance <clId>


To disable the cluster, run the disable cluster instance command on the cluster IP address.

To disable a cluster node by using the configuration utility

  1. On the node that you want to disable, navigate to System > Cluster, and click Manage Cluster.
  2. In the Configure cluster instance dialog box, unselect the Enable cluster instance check box.


    To disable the cluster instance on all the nodes, perform the above procedure on the cluster IP address.