Enabling content switching

To use the content switching feature, you must enable content switching. You can configure content switching entities even though the content switching feature is disabled. However, the entities will not work.

To enable content switching by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type the following commands to enable content switching and verify the configuration:

  • enable ns feature CS

  • show ns feature


> enable  feature ContentSwitch
> show feature

        Feature                        Acronym              Status
        -------                        -------              ------
 1)     Web Logging                    WL                   OFF
 2)     Surge Protection               SP                   ON
 3)     Load Balancing                 LB                   ON
 4)     Content Switching              CS                   ON
 22)    Responder                      RESPONDER            ON
 23)    HTML Injection                 HTMLInjection        ON
 24)    NetScaler Push                 push                 OFF

To enable content switching by using the configuration utility

Navigate to System > Settings and, in the Modes and Features group, select Configure Basic Features, and select Content Switching.

Enabling content switching