Load balancing servers in different availability zones

A VPX instance can be used to load balance servers running in the same availability zone, or in:

  • A different availability zone (AZ) in the same AWS VPC
  • A different AWS region
  • AWS EC2 in a VPC

To enable a VPX instance to load balance servers running outside the AWS VPC that the VPX instance is in, configure the instance to use EIPs to route traffic through the Internet gateway, as follows:

  1. Configure a SNIP on the NetScaler VPX instance by using the NetScaler CLI or the GUI.
  2. Enable traffic to be routed out of the AZ, by creating a public facing subnet for the server-side traffic.
  3. Add an Internet gateway route to the routing table, using the AWS GUI console.
  4. Associate the routing table you just updated with the server-side subnet.
  5. Associate an EIP with the server-side private IP address that is mapped to a NetScaler SNIP address.