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Configuring Address Pools (IIP) for a NetScaler Gateway Appliance

Feb 13, 2017

In some situations, users who connect with the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in need a unique IP address for NetScaler Gateway. When you enable address pools (also known as IP pooling) for a group, NetScaler Gateway can assign a unique IP address alias to each user. You configure address pools by using intranet IP (IIP) addresses.

You can configure address pools on a  NetScaler Gateway deployed on Azure by following this two-step procedure:

  • Registering the private IP addresses that will be used in the address pool, in Azure 
  • Configuring address pools  in the NetScaler Gateway appliance

Register a Private IP Address in Azure Portal

In Azure , you can deploy a  NetScaler virtual instance with multiple IP addresses. You can add IP addresses to a VPX instance in two ways:

a.  While provisioning a VPX instance

For more information about how to add multiple IP addresses while provisioning a VPX instance, see Configuring Multiple IP Addresses for a NetScaler VPX Appliance in Azure Resource Manager. To add IP addresses by using PowerShell commands while provisioning a VPX instance, see Configuring Multiple IP Addresses for a NetScaler VPX Instance in Standalone Mode.

b. After provisioning a VPX instance.  

After you’ve provisioned a VPX instance, follow these steps to register a private IP address  in the Azure portal,  which you configure as an address pool in the NetScaler Gateway appliance.

1. From  Azure Resource Manager (ARM),  go to the already created NetScaler VPX instance > Network interfaces. Choose the network interface which is bound to a subnet to which the IIP that you want to register belongs. 

localized image

2. Click  IP Configurations, and then click Add.

localized image

3. Provide the required details as shown in the example below and click OK.    

localized image

Configure Address Pools in the NetScaler Gateway Appliance

For more information about how to configure  address pools on the NetScaler Gateway, see this page.

Limitation: You can not  bind a range of IIP addresses to users. Every IIP address that is used in an address pool should be registered.